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Revolutionizing Geomechanics via In Situ and Real Time Data Acquisition

Revolutionizing Geomechanics via In Situ and Real Time Data Acquisition

This presentation focuses on the business-centric approach to transforming geomechanical data acquisition in the oil and gas sector. It explores the implementation of innovative in situ, real-time, physical measurements at the wellbore wall under openhole conditions, addressing the inefficiencies and potential inaccuracies of traditional methods prevalent in the industry.


The talk delves into a groundbreaking methodology leveraging cutting-edge technology for direct physical measurements at the openhole wellbore wall, providing real-time insights into subsurface conditions. By employing state-of-the-art sensors and proven methodologies, this approach enables operators to acquire comprehensive datasets, including crucial geomechanical parameters like UCS and in situ stress. This real-time feedback facilitates immediate analysis, empowering rapid decision-making, and optimization of drilling processes, risk minimization, and enhanced reservoir productivity much faster than previously possible.


Additionally, it addresses the growing need for accessible geomechanical data, particularly in the context of integrating geological storage of carbon dioxide globally. This methodology reduces reliance on conventional core capture techniques, expediting data acquisition while optimizing costs. Consequently, it contributes theoretically to the availability of rock strength and stress datasets, critical in the evolving landscape of oil and gas exploration.


The presentation includes case studies comparing core data with bench tests along with information acquired in situ acquired during shallow test operations. These studies validate accuracy, showcasing how this innovative approach can significantly redefine our understanding of geomechanical data acquisition. Ultimately, it emphasizes the importance of embracing such advancements in driving transformative changes within the oil and gas exploration domain.


In-person registration closes on April 3 at 8am MST.

  • Date/Time


    Thursday, April 4, 2024


    Registration & Breakfast: 7:30 AM MST

    Start Time: 8:00 AM MST

    End Time: 9:00 AM MST

  • Location

    Calgary Petroleum Club | 319 5 Ave SW, Calgary, AB, T2P 0L5

    *This event will be hosted in-person only, and will not be recorded.

  • Speaker Bio

    Cory Fehr, PMP

    Founder of Integrity Insitu


    Cory Fehr is the Founder of Integrity Insitu and inventor of the patented Insight Tool technology. He has been involved in business since the age of 14, growing up in an entrepreneurial home that has led to management and ownership of 4 different companies over the past 30+ years.  Cory attended post-secondary studies in the fields of computer programming, reservoir engineering, geology, and project management, while growing a family that includes 4 boys. He’s worked in the oil and gas industry for 24 years, and has developed Integrity Insitu from a solo effort to a 16 person team with over 400 years of R&D experience in the most difficult business environment ever seen in Alberta’s history.  Mr. Fehr holds the PMP designation, enjoys playing hockey, and is actively involved in several technical societies.

  • **Please Note

    Breakfast will be served. Please be sure to include your dietary restrictions during the online registration process so we can do our best to accommodate.


    An event reminder will be sent the day before and the morning of the event.

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