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Unlocking Vast Lithium Reserves with Nanotechnology

Unlocking Vast Lithium Reserves with Nanotechnology

The global demand for lithium is rapidly increasing, driven by its critical role in battery production for electric vehicles and renewable energy storage systems. This surge has necessitated a parallel growth in lithium extraction and production capabilities. Traditional methods of lithium extraction face challenges such as environmental impact, inefficiency at low concentrations, and high operational costs. Litus, a pioneering nanotechnology company, is addressing these issues at the forefront of advancing lithium extraction technology. Utilizing a proprietary nanomaterial that is selective to lithium, Litus’s technology offers a significant reduction in extraction time and energy consumption compared to conventional methods. The company's approach is effective even at low lithium concentrations and is robust across various temperatures without requiring adjustments. Currently, Litus is advancing its technology through a series of scaled pilot units. Hear about how the latest pilot projects are demonstrating the technology's scalability and efficiency with real brines, and the 300,000 liter per day field demonstration plant slated to begin operations 2025-2026.


Registration closes on June 26th at 8AM MDT.

  • Date/Time

    Thursday, June 27, 2024


    Registration: 7:15 AM MDT

    Start Time: 7:30 AM MDT

    End Time: 9:00 AM MDT

  • Location

    Calgary Petroleum Club | 319 5 Ave SW, Calgary, AB, T2P 0L5

    *This event will be hosted in-person only, and will not be recorded.

  • Speaker Bio

    Dr. Ghada Nafie

    Co-Founder & CEO, Litus


    Dr. Ghada Nafie is the Co-founder and CEO of Litus, established in 2020 as a vehicle to deliver nanotechnology solutions for global energy sustainability, and especially focused on the elegant recovery of battery metals. She has developed a lithium extraction solution positioned to enable automobile manufacturers to meet the lofty EV targets collectively put forth.


    Dr. Ghada Nafie received her PhD degree from the Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering at the University of Calgary in October 2020, after over a decade of global experience in industry and start-ups. She is passionate about uncovering new technologies to drive the clean tech industry further. Her research has uncovered new techniques in nanotechnology designed to unlock lithium and other battery metal supplies to solve some of the world’s most critical energy challenges.


    Dr.Nafie has been honored with a dozens of awards and recognitions for her work. She has won an ASTech Award for Excellence in Clean Energy, the Mission from MaRS Climate Venture Diversity Award, the Elevate Firehood Angel Investment Prize, and the Inventures Award in the Net Zero Category. 

  • **Please Note

    Breakfast will be served. Please be sure to include your dietary restrictions during the online registration process so we can do our best to accommodate.


    An event reminder will be sent the day before and the morning of the event.

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