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Energy Literacy

SPE Calgary's Energy Literacy initiative is a group of engaged, technical members that are developing fun and accessible ways for Calgarians to interact with and learn about the energy industry, with the aim of fostering a community that is well-versed in Energy Literacy. 

What Do We Do?

SPE Calgary Section focuses on Energy Literacy for both its members and the public. You can often find us presenting at conferences, doing live demonstrations for K-12 schools and creating great events to help encourage educational and informative discussion with the public, such as field tours, panel discussions and documentary screenings.

I Am An Engineer

Ever wonder what engineers do? Learn about their various fields with our “I am an Engineer” video series. Meet Darren, a petroleum engineer and learn about what he does. Engineers of all types have an incredible impact on our energy industry!

Fracking with Jell-O

Fracking with Jell-O was designed as a fun and accessible way to introduce kids to concepts relevant to hydraulic fracturing.

Would you like us to run this experiment in your classroom or at your event?

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Or, interested in quantifying your carbon footprint?

ENERGYminute's carbon calculator

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