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Special Interest Groups

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Distinguished Lecturers

The Distinguished Lecturer (DL) Program is one of SPE’s most popular programs. The primary purpose is to help SPE to provide interesting and informative programs for the membership and also oil and gas industry. Each season 30 to 35 professionals and scholars are selected to share their knowledge on the latest technologies in oil and gas industry with SPE members.

Reservoir Evaluation & Production Optimization

In Reservoir Evaluation and Production Optimization (REPO) special interest group, we keep SPE members updated by cutting-edge technology updates and studies by inviting highly respected professionals in these fields to share their knowledge and expertise.

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Data Science Engineering & Analytics

The focus of the Data Analytics (DA) SIG is on advanced analytics. By applying more analytics in to our existing databases, the Canadian oil and gas industry can become more competitive.


SPE Geomechanics (GM) Special Interest Group intends to promote the role of petroleum geomechanics as a key discipline for the development of oil and gas resources through delivering state-of-art technical talks, seminars, educational programs and networking events.

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Drilling & Completions

The Drilling and Completions (D&C) SIG covers topics related to the SPE Drilling and Completions technical disciplines such as: well planning and wellbore design through drilling equipment, systems and operations to casing and cementing; completion design and installation; intelligent wells; sand control; hydraulic fracturing; acidizing and stimulation; and well integrity.

Production, Facilities & Heavy Oil

The Production, Facilities and Heavy Oil (PF&HO) SIG is concerned with everything related to production facilities and process engineering solutions in the changing energy landscape in Canada, as well as everything related to heavy oil recovery, which has been Alberta's technical forte. Production facilities topics may include surveillance and monitoring, flow assurance, measurement & control, midstream transportation, downstream processing, CO2 capture, and geothermal facilities. Heavy oil topics may include reservoir engineering aspects for in-situ recovery, operational considerations for commercial heavy oil projects, ESG outlook, and latest digital and field technologies in use.

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Health, Safety, Environment & Sustainability

The Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainability (HSE&S) SIG comprises of core HSE topics as well as sustainability issues. Environmental stewardship considerations include zero-flare strategies, oil-to-gas in power generation, energy efficiency, carbon capture & carbon sequestration, methane leak detection, and renewables in the upstream oil and gas industry.

Reserves, Resources, Economics & Regulatory

The Reserves, Resources, Economics and Regulatory (RER) SIG provides reserves related, economics and regulatory-based themed presentations during lunch hours to target members interested in reserves and resources guidelines / regulatory instruments or working with Auditors and Regulators. Topics are chosen based on current relevance and overall attendance has recently been increased to 100 -150 people to promote discussion among Calgary Section members.

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Technical & Professional Development

The Technical & Professional Development (T&PD) SIG focuses on refining professional skills, personal development, management and leadership skills. We also cover, Asset and Portfolio Management, Risk Management and Decision-Making, Strategic Planning and Management, Energy Economics, Professionalism, Training and Education, Information Management and Systems, Research and Development and Emerging Technology Programs.

NEW - Software Engineering & Architecture

The emergence of the Software Engineering & Architecture (SEA) SIG marks an exciting milestone in the oil and gas industry. This forward-looking group - despite its name - is not confined to traditional petroleum engineering, but also represents a bold leap into the digital era. The SEA SIG's mission is to explore, innovate, and shape the future of this rapidly evolving landscape. Topics ranging from the latest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and automation to the ever-vital domains of cybersecurity, data management, modern software development practices, IoT integration, cloud computing, digital twins, and augmented/virtual reality technologies will be explored.

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